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Book 1 of The Quest Series 

Ayiana:  The Quest

Available at Publish America

What if the world we lived in existed on a different plane of existence?  Perhaps before our time or some other possibility?  What would have happened to the people of this time line?

Ayiana is set in the fictional world of Vizerene.  She comes from a line of the people called Hente, a North American tribe pre-adamic era.  At that time there were such things as elves, dwarves, abons.  But what would God have done to provide salvation for a people?  How would he have combat 'the evil one'?

This story is semi-allegorical and will take you on a journey of adventure as Ayiana discovers that life is only given from the maker of all, and that He is ultimately in control.


A secret has been passed from elves to Hente for generations—the secret of the talisman's location-- kept from the evil one who searches for it.  But when Aiyana’s uncle dies before he can inform her of their family secret, actions are set into motion that could destroy all of Vizerene and the World.  Thus starts the harrowing journey as Aiyana tries to find a way to rid herself of this burden only to discover the stone of Hardoc has secrets of its own.  Will she have to give up her life, in order to save humanity, or will Fallamhain, the human, help her find salvation? 

What is the plan that God has set into this young girl’s life?  With the help of the elves, a sage, humans and two of her own friends, she will discover that to live is Christ but to die is gain…in more ways than one.




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