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For Love of Zach In Hill Creek, with amnesia, not sure why she's there, Detective Laura Walker is in big time trouble.  Had Zach not taken her in to help as a housekeeper she would have had nowhere else to go.  However, as Laura's memory starts to return and she realizes she is looking for her missing brother, she might just find out that the very person she is working for is the person who she had come to investigate.

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Interesting Facts

  • I was missing Oklahoma horribly when I conceived this series.
  • I wanted 'cowboys' to appear 'real' like I remembered them.
  • I had to add a woman from Louisiana!


[Product Image] Of all of the people to show up to be Hawk's medical partner, why did it have to be Susan "Freckles" Warner.  Of all people, the woman who had a crush on him in medical school, and was a walking demolition machine--intent on destroying him!  However, as she and Hawk open up the clinic near his hometown Hawk is about to learn that Home is where the heart is and that sometimes God does indeed work in mysterious ways!

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  • After a mother's love, I really needed to have a fun book.
  • I'm a closet slap stick lover.
  • I liked having a slightly overweight heroine who had a problem with it while the hero didn't even notice it!


For Love of Mitch Wife Wanted:  Anyone who is willing to settle down and passably fair will do.  At least, that's what the town thinks when Sheriff Mitch McCade goes out looking for a wife.  And so does his best friend Suzi, who only has eyes for Mitch.   However, though God has forgiven her for her past sins and out of wedlock child, if Mitch finds out just who the father is, he never will.  So, when her best buddy, Mitch, asks her to help him find a wife, can she indeed help without getting involved or letting him find out the one secret she's always kept from him?

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  • I'm a secret lover of men in uniforms--hey, I married a man in the Army (I swore I wouldn't ever do that!).
  • I wanted to touch on how sometimes, even when we are forgiven, our past can still haunt us.
  • I love humor.


[Product Image] Fun-loving schoolteacher Tessa Stanridge needed a way to stay in Hill Creek, fast.  Suddenly, like a gift from God, a white knight in the form of accident victim Drake Slater came to her rescue.  The moment she saw the disabled rancher, she knew he was a man desperately in need of her love care.  Nearly killed by a bull, new Christian Drake Slater had to learn to walk and read again.  Tessa was his answer.  However, it looked like Drake had the answers for her when it came to trusting God.  Could she just accept that and his love or would she forever stay in her world of loneliness and emptiness?

Hungarian Copy

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  • I had the man see an angel in the book, blocking the way of the bull and saving his life--just a glimpse--but my editor made me take it out.
  • I believe God sends his workers to protect us and this was an important point.
  • Another thing is that no matter what we may look like, God can use the person to touch others!


[Product Image] She had caught everyone's eye.  Petite, mysterious Leah Thomas was newt o Hill Creek, Texas and the entire town had taken notice--especially one handsome cowboy.  Mark Walker soon learned however, that Leah wasn't as helpless ash e thought, and that she was hiding something.  Could he find out what she was hiding and help her realized God was in control before her past caught up to them and destroyed them both?

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  • Leah held a special place in my heart.  She was so flighty and scared.
  • Hidden truth will eventually be exposed.
  • I got the best hunk on my cover that all of the LI authors drool over!

She owned a candy store that was going under.  He owned a chain of candy stores and was there to put her out of business.  The only problem is, she doesn't know it.  Having knocked Richard Dunn to the ice, she takes him home and even rents the new man in town an apartment.  When Richard realizes who how she feels about his nation wide chain, how will he be able to tell the woman the truth?  One little lie can often lead to crazy consequences.



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