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| The Best Christmas Ever | In Search of a Hero |


[Product Image] All Mickie wanted for Christmas was a new mommy.  Sarah had come to heal the past, but her adorable niece and handsome father soon stole her heart.  Justin wanted to show Sarah forgiveness, but she'd tried to take Mickie from him when Sarah's sister had died.  Mickie, however, has plans for both of them, plans that, if answered, will see her Christmas wish come true and make this her best Christmas ever.


  • RITA Finalis.t
  • Holt Finalist.
  • RT Reviewer's Choice Finalist.

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[Product Image] Andre is on a quest to find out just what his father lied about.  He wants to prove his father wrong and the questions that open up about a deal in Alaska gone wrong seem just the right way to make his dad admit he was wrong.  However, when he and his dad's partner, Rebekkah start investigating just what is going on to save the company's reputation, things start happening.  Could Andre's father be willing to go so far as to kill them to keep Andre from proving his belief that his father would cover up anything?  Or is it someone else?  Come join Andre and Rebekkah as they trek across the United States on a suspenseful mission of intrigue and danger--and love and forgiveness.


  • Ms. Wolverton's love of writing and joy in God once again shines through in this book.  

                                                                                                        Karen Larsen  Scribesworld

  • ...delivers this romance with an exciting, dangerous twist.           Author   Gail Martin
  • ....a suspenseful tale.                                                              Author  Deborah Simmons 
  • ...a sweet love story.                                                                Denise Keller WCRG

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