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[ First Series | Hill Creek Texas | Christmas Series | Storm Series | Misc Series ]

 [A Matter of Trust | A Father's Love | This Side of Paradise |

| A Mother's Love | To Order]

A Matter of Trust Elizabeth Jefferson wasn't like the others.  The young, sassy therapist refused to be fired and merrily defied Rand Steven's demands.  Since the accident that had robbed him of his sight, the handsome millionaire had allowed no one near.  But Elizabeth gave him courage to face the world again--a hand to hold and a reason to hope...  Would he learn to accept God's love and to  live again in time to save Elizabeth from the past she was running from or would he stay trapped in his dark world forever alone and lost?
Italian Copy                               

Interesting Facts

  • My First Book about a blind man and chicken jokes!
  • A test market book in Italy.
  • I wrote this in two weeks (the only book I have ever written like that).

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[Product Image] The morning Max Stevens found twin babies on his doorstep, he knew life was about to change...What he didn't expect was Kaitland Summerville as the new nanny, Kaitland, his ex-fiancĂ© whom he was certain had betrayed him in a very basic way.  Little did he realize that God had sent Kait back to him to teach him about forgiveness, misunderstandings and that there could indeed be second chances.  Will Kait, however, learn how to forgive a man who has falsely accused her while helping Max learn to love the two abandoned children.
Italian Copy                                           

Interesting Facts

  • Twin brothers--this one is the sequel.
  • Two children involved.
  • My choice for cover was a basket with two toddlers sitting on top of it.  The company chose the cover.

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[Product Image] Mild-mannered Jennifer Rose's life had taken quite a turn when she volunteered to rescue three orphaned children.  Now she is stranded in the jungle, with her cynical pilot, Gage Dalton as company.  And though Jennifer longs to share her hope with Gage, can he accept the comfort only God can give?

Also released in Australia (see www.romance.net.au for more information)

This paragraph contains a brief description of the product ...

Interesting Facts

  • An optimist and pessimist.
  • Crash landing.
  • I used a book for the Cajun French and had a friend help me with all of the Spanish phrases.

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A Mother's Love Maggie Gardere's trust in her fiancĂ©e had been repaid by him stealing her innocence.  Now her family is doing everything in their power to see she leaves town for good.  Local minister Jake Mathison knows a lost souls when he sees one.  Giving her a job he works to help Maggie overcome the past hurt and pain while she decides what to do with the unexpected results of her brutal attack.  Can Maggie actually love something that came from such a union, or give it up for adoption?  Can Jake teach her to trust again?


  • A book of my heart to those who have been grievously injured by others.
  • A book about healing.
  • I chose the cover idea.







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